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frogs and spring

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frogs and spring Empty frogs and spring

Post by AllyKass on Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:42 pm

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bees come to frogs rescue!

In the coming spring will find place in several locations in Estonia on the roads appear to save the frogs help. Interested nature lovers can get involved as a volunteer there.

frogs bees organized in cooperation with the NGO Estonian Fund for Nature Northern Frog, and the road and the Environment Agency. four Bees place have been selected, one in Viljandi County.

The local bees are sections which are located in Tartu, Viljandi highway Leie, Oiu between the eye and thanked.

The project «Frogs in transit" to save the frogs by the thousands during the spring migration roads from sinking under the wheels of the car, using volunteer help nature lovers.

It is also proposed so that the next year to organize an information campaign to create a training, information dissemination and rescue action by aiding in the tradition of spring frogs.

Operation will be completed during the manual on how to assist during the spring migration of toads. Motorists also distributed materials showing teeületuskohad frogs and rough times, and put instructions on the letter, how to behave during migration.

Organizers hope that the project will reduce the mortality in amphibians, and society can learn more about frogs and their doings. The ultimate aim is that the roads be taken into account when planning a road crossing with animals, and improve cooperation between agencies.

Friends of Nature, who want to venture to get involved, get yourself registered to bees in http://www.elfond.ee/konnadteel ELF website.

Konnatalgulistele and all other interested parties held today at 18 Tartu Environmental Education Centre for free lecture on "Frog came hard on down the road. Why he could not attend? ».

Piret poplar non-profit North Frog speaks when and for what reasons amphibians migrate and how individuals can make their lives easier.

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frogs and spring Empty Re: frogs and spring

Post by caysa on Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:15 am

This is so cool!!!!!

frogs and spring Frogs002

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